Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Planting

Sunday afternoon was such a wonderful time to get out in the yard and do some fall planting. We found two shrubs at the Keller's Nursery on Saturday. We couldn't wait to get them in the ground. The first one is a Little Lime Hydrangea. It will be lime green in the summer and turn pink in the fall. Now it's turned a light tan, but I love the way it adds texture to the garden and it's not even in the ground yet.

The second one my husband fell in love with. It's called a Japanese Beautyberry. It has the most beautiful color of purple berries. We decided to plant it in front of the pines and eventually it will be quit large and covered with these beautiful purple berries. I love adding to the beauty of our back yard. We enjoy looking out our kitchen window at some the plants we've added in the past twenty nine years we've lived here.

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