Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cold Days Wool Table Runner

My friend, Lynn and I got together today to work on the Cold Days table runner from the Primitive Quilts and Projects book. We've been collecting wool all summer to put this project together. The sun shone in on our work today but by the time we finish it the snow may be flying. This design is by Linda Hall and it's featured in the Summer 2011 issue. I can't wait to see them come to life with their sweet smiles, bright noses, and silly eyes. Check back to see them finished.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Star Pumpkin Pillow

I made this pillow last week to add to our fall decorations. I think it adds a nice look to the dining room. It can rest there until the first of December when all the Christmas decor will start coming out. I found this pattern in the fall 2011 addition of Primitve Quilts and Projects. The fabric is wool and used a primitive stitch around the edges. The real pumpkins and gourds came from the field trip I went on with my grandson's kindergarden class.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Classes at the Wagnalls Library

This is the quilt I made and displayed at Wagnalls Library for this series of classes. Tonight was the second class in the 5 weeks series. We had 6 there tonight. Lisa couldn't make it. We figured she was tied  up in work. She travels from Newark to get to Lithopolis. We miss you Lisa! It was Sandy's first night so I got her started on cutting and putting her first block together. She was so proud of it! Pat had enough blocks to put up on the design wall and get all her rows in order and ready to sew. The quilt is called Ritzy Cracker, designed by Mary Lane Brown. It's a free pattern from It's a pretty easy top to put together and it finishes quickly.

I'm thinking the next project at the library will be applique. I have a table runner made up of the Dresden Plate blocks. I'll take it next week and see if the girls want to do it next. These are only two of the blocks. There are five all together and it measures 12"x60". You could make it what ever size you like. I just happen to have a long buffet.

Three of the ladies that joined the group last week are members of the Blue Star Mothers. I know they want to sew for the troops so I need to think of something we can do that's patriotic. I have a pattern in mind, but I need more fabric. Imagine that!